HE is Risen! He is Risen INDEED!
We had a wonderful service on Easter
and look forward to a whole season, 50
days of Easter. In the next seven weeks
we will receive the gifts Jesus offers to
those who follow him. The season
always starts with Thomas. John 20
remembers how he was not there on
Easter. Instead, he is with the disciples a
week later. So, a week later, we read
about his encounter with the risen Lord,
which starts him on his journey. I wrote this poetic piece in honor of Thomas.
If it is SO I will let go of the NO
‘Twas the week after Easter, the disciples were home
Locked in their room for fear of Rome
Jesus had been there on Easter day.
But Thomas was absent, not far but away.
The week was tense.
The story they told Thomas did not make sense.
They spoke of their teacher, leader, healer and friend,
Arrested and beaten and broken and dead, now alive again.
Mary and Peter and John all ran
The tomb was empty of the man,
Linens, bloodied, folded
And there was a Word
Mary saw him; then saw him true,
All the ten locked away saw him new
Jesus – Dawning Light – Give new sight
If it is So – They would let go of No
Thomas said No it cannot be so.
How could he, how would he?
This is not the way of death and life.He needed to touch the nail holes, put his hand in the side,
For their delusions to his inspiration.
Three cheers for the one and the ten.
Their oneness did not end.
All were there when Jesus returned to say –
“Thomas see my hands and side –
Touch the holes, feel the wounds –
Thomas did not touch, it was all too much,
Jesus was Lord and God.
For the rest of his life, wherever he journeyed
The kingdom came through this belated believer.
He let go of the no, so…
No, it cannot be, became, so, who shall I be.
Now John would finish his book, or so it seemed, with this story of Thomas
Whose no became a so.
John wants that for us all.
The purpose of the book,
The point of all the signs:
To change your no to a so.
Let go of the no and let it be so.
Thomas – John 20 will begin our journey for 50 days stopping to receive all the
gifts of the resurrection.
Come walk with Resurrected Jesus – let the no become so let it be.
Grace and Peace,
Pastor John
Hope you can join us now that we are back in the sanctuary. April 11 10 am
worship. All indoors now. (with masks and proper social distancing and a special
time for the children). Also on Zoom and the Website. 0Church Office Hours return to normal, Mondays and Tuesdays – beginning April
12 and 13.
• Pray for George Motshall whose aortic valve replacement, which had been
postponed, was April 6. He came through the surgery and is recovering.
• Do pray for Diane Watson who has fallen and is recovering from surgery on
her hip and femur.
• Pray for Carol Fultz’ family; her sister, Barbara Colangelo, passed away.
• Continued prayers for:
• Carol’s granddaughter-in-law Vanessa who has high-risk diabetes.
• Roxanne Foss’s niece Ginny,
• Steve Cady and his sister, Sherry, are working to find a place for their
mother, Donna,
• erwin for strength and Lynda for healing
• Continued recovery for Jerry Mills
• Continued godly journey for Brendan son of Bonnie Strack.
Irm for the beautiful floral arrangements in front of the altar and along the
pews. And thanks to those who took the arrangements to those who
couldn’t attend.
Irm for the beautiful music and musicians and our own Michael for playing
the timpani and Rebecca who sang a duet with Pastor Bunge.
Eloise, Fred J. and Bennet for arranging the Easter Lilies.
Joe and Steve who put up crosses out front and to Sharon and Debi who
picked out the plants. And to our gardner, Jesus, for planting.
Robyn Blue provided a wonderful session for the young people and has
done a great job reaching out to the youth.
Fred M., Cliff, Jeanne, Joe, Connie and Pat for decorating the Easter Cross at
the front entry.
Everyone left the service with renewed life, Cross of Resurrection, Butterfly
of Hope and Yummy treat bag. Sharon, Steve, Connie for folding the Palm
branches into Crosses. Carol for providing the Easter Treat Bags.
And were welcomed at a wonderful reception thanks to Karen and Fred M.OPPORTUNITY TO OFFER YOUR TIME AND TALENTS –
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