Our History

A Brief History

Faith Lutheran Church in Yucaipa was founded in September 1949 under Pastor Robert Rismiller. Initially, the congregation met in the Yucaipa Women’s Club, and, for a time, in a local mortuary. The first purchase of property on the present site was made in 1951. Over the next decade, additional property was purchased as the congregation utilized the old Parish Hall and other housing on the site. The present sanctuary was completed in 1965. The first floor of the Parish building was erected in 1979. The Day Care Center was then opened as one of the first in our community. The second floor of the Parish Building, including the expansive Faith Fellowship Hall, stage, and kitchen, was completed during the next decade. In recent years, Faith Lutheran Church has made a significant impact on the local community with its Food Pantry which provides food for those in need the second and fourth Saturdays every month.

Pastors who have served Faith Lutheran Church as primary or associate pastor include the founder, Rev. Robert Rismiller, Rev. Robert Kerstetter, Rev. Aaron Plueger, Rev. Dr. George Roleder, Rev. Ray Johnson. Rev. Paul Jorstad had a long tenure at Faith, Rev. Larry Wagner and Rev. Tim Drom served with him. At his retirement, Tim Drom and Rev. Patrice Nordstrand served together. They were followed by Rev. Ken Severa, Rev. Patricia Hoenshell, Rev. Jan Womer, and Rev. Elizabeth Williams. Pastor John Bunge is currently serving as Pastor at Faith. We are currently expanding our preschool which will be open again in the fall. 

Faith Lutheran Church and St. Alban’s Episcopal Church work together to provide for our pantry. Oak Glen camp is also now a partner in this outreach project. Do join us in our mission to: Know the love of Jesus and Show the love Jesus in God’s wondrous world.