One of the joys of Christian Community being around good human beings.

As your part-time pastor I do not get out much to visit our members. Covid has added to the complexity. Thankfully, you are doing a wonderful job of caring for each other.

I did get a chance a week to see Geri at San Gorgonio Hospital, Fred Mazurier had come to her aid and called an ambulance. He also called me. When I got there, he was there. This morning Bill Martin called to see where she was now and I give him the number to Highland Care in Redlands, where she is rehabilitating. She is in room 120 bed one and you can visit her in an outside area for 30 minutes. So many of you are caring for her and others in the congregation.

Eleanor Diaz has taken up the ministry of the quilts, a ministry dear to Geri’s heart. They up to 59! It was also exciting to see the women of the church back in Bible Study, which will continue now again on the first Saturdays. The company of caring Christians is a source of incomparable joy and strength.

As Christians, saved by Christ, we are not about the business of proving ourselves to each other or winning a higher place of honor. We are drawn together by our common benefactor. We have tasted and seen that the Lord is Good.  What a joy to know that in Jesus Christ the fellowship we experience here is but a foretaste of the unity to come.

In our Gospel text for this week, Jesus moves deeper into conversation with the crowd that has followed him around the lake for their next free lunch. He wants them instead to taste and see that the work of God in the world is true bread. He willing sacrifices himself to be both and example and a redeemer for “good human beings.”

At the end of his invitation to higher service, only his disciples remained. Peter explained: where else would we go: “You have the Words of Eternal Life.” They had tasted of the “good life of being a good human being” and were not going elsewhere.

During the last couple of weeks, I have been involved with interviews. Here at Faith, we were interviewing for a new Preschool Director. We found a treasure in Heather Uribe who will be starting next Monday, August 16th. Your prayers were appreciated. She has a love of children. She worked at Redlands Day Nursery for ten years, where she came highly recommended. They remembered her fondly, even though she been gone for seven years starting her own preschool in her home. All the while, she has been raising five of her own children who are now ages 10 – 18. She wants to see little ones get off to a gracious, loving start. Thanks again to the Motschalls, Cadys and Robyn Blue for their diligent, dedicated work.

Some of you know I am also on the board for Valley Restart a 90-day program for homeless individuals who need a hand up. We were interviewing for Director there and found one. The women that had led us for 18 years did so not knowing if there would be a paycheck for her the second month. The candidate we chose to follow her, was the son of farm workers. He gained his education and worked with the homeless in the Coachella Valley for years. He is also on the staff at Claremont College. Two other candidates were homeless themselves. One gain an education and become a program director of a homeless shelter also in the Coachella Valley. The other has been working at Valley Restart for fifteen years having gain his independence through that program. Once these men tasted of the “good life of being a good human being” they like Peter were not willing to let it go. May it continue to be true for us all.


Into your hands, almighty God, we place ourselves: our minds to know you, our hearts to love you, our wills to serve you, for we have tasted and seen that the Lord is Good.

Grace and Peace,                                               Pastor John Bunge

Reminder: Set aside 12 minutes of devotional time each day during the month of August to enrich your lives. Your prayers might include this TRIP: Thankfulness, Release, Intercession and Purpose.


Sunday @ 10 am. Indoors, masks still optional for the vaccinated. We also offer a special time for the children.  The live stream at 10 am click on our website. We have about 30 people who join us in this way.  Refreshments after services have returned. Join us.

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS:  This coming Week office hours, Monday and Tuesday, 9:30 to 3 p.m. August 9 and 10.


Director in Heather Uribe starts August 16th. Spread the word we are getting ready to open as soon as we can.


Children’s Church continues. Are you interested in assisting? Let us know at the church office or give Robyn Blue a call.


They had a great meeting Saturday, August 7 and will be meeting regularly the first Saturdays of the month @ 9:30 am in the Fireside Room for a continental breakfast, devotions, prayer and reconnecting.

Next pantry This Saturday, August 14. Thanks to all who are assisting.


Tom Ziech and George Motschall finished the watering system for the front. Hosanna!! Thanks again to Joe and Jeanne Koenig for their help in the office and for assisting with the new security system that is working well.

Quilting continues 59 quilts 46 lap blankets –vaccinated volunteers are returning.



  • Do pray for my wife Connie who is facing knee surgery on Friday the 13th.
  • Suze Jaracz passed away after years of complications. As her husband Dave said: She was ready to go.
  • Robyn Blue requested prayers for Mike Washbotten, who was injured in a motorcycle accident three weeks ago. He suffered a broken hip, upper arm and shoulder and will require surgery when he is strong enough.
  • Gerri Witwer who is at Highland Care 700 E Highland Ave. in Redlands, CA.
  • Friend of the Cady’s, Leslie, is doing well in combatting throat cancer.
  • Motschall’s niece, Linda Odde, with a brain tumor.
  • Roxanne Foss’s niece, Ginny.
  • erwin for strength and Lynda for healing. I saw him and Lynda last week delivering eggs to the pantry.
  • Jerry Mills working through chemotherapy.
  • Continued Godly journey for Brendan, son of Bonnie Strack and Rebecca, daughter of Michael Shea.
  • Bill and Judy Martin’s daughter, Laura, living in Kansas is facing radiation therapy.
  • Pattie, a friend of the Halls with thyroid cancer, treatments have started.


Thanks for your prayers:

Mike Koger and Michael Shea will be facing surgery within a next month or so.