Dear Members of Faith,

Good News. The council and I have been discussing when we would resume in-person worship at the church and I wanted to let you know about our current plans.

We do have Good News on that score. We do hope to open worship next week, Sunday June 20 @ 10 am. We will start out cautiously with a shortened service. We will send out a detailed list of what to expect when we resume in-person worship. For those who do not feel comfortable in worshipping with us in person, we will still have weekly videos on our Facebook and website @ – you can just google Faith Lutheran Yucaipa as well. Do check out the website. Richard, Jennifer and I have been working with our web designer Adam and it is looking GOOD.  Thanks to Debi Hitter for taking updated pictures.


Even though our in-person worship has been closed for the last three months, we the people of Faith, have not been shut down a single day.  This has been a time when we understood clearly that the church of Jesus Christ is not a building. You have been in contact with each other, supporting each other, praying for each other, handing out food and enhancing our facility.


We continue to be the Body of Christ sent into the world to share Good News in word and deed. We unite together to know God’s Love and show God’s Love.


In our Gospel text for this week, Matthew 9:35 to 10:8, Jesus looks out on the world and sees the great need that is there for Good News. The people are like sheep without a shepherd, harassed and helpless. He prayed for workers who would be a part of the harvest that comes when Good News is brought to the world.


We live in rough times. Last week we prayed for the many troubles afflicting our world — People who are frustrated with lock downs or angry over injustice or worried about their jobs need some Good News. Whether you feel comfortable and safe joining us at Faith for worship or continuing to enjoy seeing your (handsome) pastor on Youtube, we are continuing to be and need to be a part of bringing a harvest of joy to our world.



The council is reviewing the opening of the Preschool.

The flooring is done in the office area, thanks George for working with C& M Tile. Thanks to Connie and Pastor for some touch up painting in all offices.  Thanks to Curene who will be painting the copy room!  We will be moving furniture back on Saturday.  Big Thanks to Bonnie and Dave Strack for painting all the Preschool office doors!  Thanks also to Karen and Nelson Hall for donating some paint!

Next up

There are some areas which still need to be painted. If you’d like to help us paint, we have 7 doors, the hallway by the men’s bathroom and the Pantry Room left.  And, we are done!  (We hope!)    Any amount of time you could donate would be appreciated.   We have the paint and supplies.   Please call Connie, 951.514.1214.

We will also be enhancing our south parking lot, using Thrivent Action Teams. Carol Jensen has received her $250 grant which we will be using for rock, weed block and other items. If you feel like getting out, we will have weed block fabric stored in the stairwell area along with shovels and a wheelbarrow. Rocks are coming for that area on the south and bark for the north side of the lot. Call ahead if you need to have someone open the stairwell for you. Celebrate the great outdoors and make our outdoors great at the church, any amount of work you can provide is helpful and appreciated.