Good News – Sunday, we will have our Sunday service at the church at 10 am. Bring your own coffee and come early to enjoy the front patio area and tour the improvements on the first floor. Kudos to George and Fred for getting out the old counter top and bringing in the new.


We will restart our Sunday Services carefully and slowly. Our first service will be a short, healing service. Jesus sent out his disciples to bring healing to the world and we want to be a part of that ministry.


We understand that not everyone in the congregation feels that they will be able to join us now.  Details on how we will be starting our services will forward in an email, after the council has discussed and agreed on procedures.

  Pease respond to this email and let me know if you are planning on attending.


You can also respond to this email with your thoughts on the complete list of procedures to be mailed out. Not everyone is on the same page now on how best to overcome this pandemic, but we will seek to do our best to gather safely. Whether you are present physically or in spirit (and the internet), we will be praying in unison for our concerns and joys.


This will not be our “normal” service. I will not go out into the congregation to read the Gospel or share the peace. There will be no bulletins – all the words will be on the screen. No communion at this service. Fellowship will be outside, again come prior to the service with your own coffee this first week. Offerings will be collected at the door not passed down the aisle. Masks will be worn inside the church.


Sunday is Father’s Day and we want to remember the people in our lives who have provided for us, protected us and mentored us. Jesus says that not one sparrow falls to the ground without your Heavenly Father’s acknowledgment (Matthew 10:29-30). Hopefully, your father had that type of concern for you. We will be protecting each other with some of these measures.


We will be praying for:

Healing for those affected by COVID -19

Healing of our country, amid death and division.

We will pray in thanks for caring fathers.

Healing for those whose fathers were not present for them.

Healing for fathers who have lost touch with their children.

We also want to pray for you personally. Just let me know this week how we can pray for you.



Did not hear anything more this week, thanks for your continued prayers and support of the church.



June 21 at 10 am welcome back to worship.


You might take time to check out the improvements at the church. Do wear a mask inside.  Be sure to THANK TO ALL WHO HAVE HELPED!


The Fireside Room is finished, just awaiting a window blind.  Thanks to an Action Team grant by Erwin and Connie for finishing the cabinets, George’s electrician team and wall painters. Fred Johnson who redid the dry wall. Do note the beautiful quilt made and donated by Curene.

The kitchen cabinets were re-finished and the walls painted, thanks to an Action Team grant by Diane Watson and the Connie and Vicki painting team. A new counter and sink will be also installed through a Thrivent Action Team grant by Connie Bunge. Thanks to Fred and George for taking out the old.

Painting all the doors in the hallways were a Dave and Bonnie Strack project.  The bathroom/laundry room hallway doors were a Steve and Sharon Cady project.

The flooring is completed throughout the office. Thanks to a beautiful job by C&M Tile in Yucaipa.  Connie and the staff are painting baseboards and doors. She also refreshed the narthex furniture.

Thanks again also to the two Freds and Joe who complete the shed for the preschool. All these items purchased for these projects were underwritten by Thrivent grants or donations.




Our next project for enhancing our property is the south section of the south parking lot, using Thrivent Action Teams. Carol Jensen has received her $250 grant which we will be using for weed block and other items. If you feel like getting out, we will have weed block fabric stored in the stairwell area along with shovels and a wheelbarrow. Rocks are coming for that area and bark for the north side of the lot. Call ahead if you need to have someone open the stairwell for you. Celebrate the great outdoors and make our outdoors great at the church, any amount of work you can provide is helpful and appreciated.

We still have doors and a couple smaller areas that need some paint.  If you can help, please email me.


Looking forward to seeing some of you Sunday.


Grace & Peace

Pastor John